In 1977, LuminOre® founder Thomas Valente developed a revolutionary idea that continues to change the way the world works with metal. While working with gold leaf and sheet metals in his high-end furniture business, Valente recognized the need for a liquid metal coating – real metal, not paint - that could be easily and economically applied onto any material and, more importantly, retain the most intricate surface detail. Today, after more than 30 years and millions of dollars in research and development, LuminOre’s advanced composite metals are available in eight different varieties, and we can apply them onto virtually any surface using conventional cold-spray equipment.


LuminOre Fabrication has developed state of the art techniques to fuse the patented LuminOre Composite Metal to innovative composite substrates. The results are lightweight panels, facades and other architectural elements in sizes, shapes and contours that never before were possible. Objects that would be too heavy if made of solid metal are now being made with LuminOre composite metals at a fraction of the weight and the cost."

LuminOre® - The Company
 LuminOre® The Formula - You Imagine It & We Create It.



At LuminOre we pride ourselves in offering our clients an exceptional and unique product. We are the custodians of a technology that is unavailable anywhere else in the world, and we take this responsibility very seriously.




Our TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS will make sure that LuminOre Composite Metals® are applied correctly – every time – to achieve optimum results for your project.




We guarantee that it will be brought to life, and to its fullest potential.




With conventional companies, the sales staff alone handles the initial discussions with the customer. But we do things differently at LuminOre. From the very beginning, all of our departments – client liaison, metals manufacturing and fabrication – the entire company as a whole becomes involved with the prospective client’s project.




We strive, right from the outset, to foster a collaborative partnership with you. From the initial inquiry all the way through project closure, the LuminOre team is a full and energetic participant in your creative process.




Management sits at the hub of the company wheel, piloting a cross-functional synergy designed to optimize communication as all of our resources are marshaled to best suit your needs.


We absolutely guarantee...accountability and excellence for every project we undertake!


I M A G I N E   I T. . . C R E A T E   I T

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