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What is Luminore?

LuminOre® is a unique patented cold spray liquid metal.  It is a polymetal alloy, not a paint!

To the best of our knowledge, LuminOre is the only company that has ever been able to cold alloy metals, and polymers together to form this type of homogeneous metal matrix.  This liquid metal is then cold sprayed onto any substrate to form a solid metal surface.

LuminOre adheres to intricate contours and articulates the most delicate of sculptural surfaces. The results are stunning. With LuminOre you will achieve for your project the timeless beauty, unmistakable tactile feel and solid quality of hot-cast metal. Yes – the look, the feel and the intrinsic value and beauty of solid metal from a foundry, but without the weight and punishing expense that would otherwise have made it unfeasible to even consider utilizing metal in your design. LuminOre is the metal solution!


From copper to bronze to nickel-silver...

...the possibilities are unlimited with LuminOre!

LuminOre® Gives Any Surface the Benefits of Solid-Cast Metal


LuminOre's patented cold-spray process applies a beautiful and protective layer of metal to create countless products that otherwise might be too impractical or too expensive to produce by traditional casting, plating or forging. From foam to fiberglass, cardboard to concrete, LuminOre composite metals adhere to almost any surface, in virtually any configuration or design, and provide the aesthetic benefits of a cast or forged metal - including texture, luster and heat conductivity — but without the weight and expense.


Strong & Durable


Suitable for both exterior and interior use, LuminOre Composite Metals are real metals – NOT metallic paint. They do not crack, chip nor peel. They can withstand 2,364 psi without pulling away from the metal substrate. LuminOre Composite Metals are non-corrosive, non-conductive of electricity and possess an almost non-existent leach rate. Additionally, LuminOre traditional metals are rated as ‘Class A, Class 1’ materials, thus they will not support flames.


Applied With LuminOre’s Own Robotic Automated Application System


Application is computer-driven and yields a flawless finish. LuminOre is a cold-spray process that uses standard HVLP (high volume, low-pressure) equipment. There is absolutely no heat used during the application, so the core substrate retains integrity of size and shape.


LuminOre Composite Metals Can Also Be Cast!


Whatever the application process – spraying or casting – LuminOre can be treated just like forged metal — i.e. sanded, sandblasted, polished, brushed, acid brushed, machined or even given a hot patina wash.


Cost-Effective and Affordable


Crafting objects of solid brass, steel or other metals is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. In fact, the expense and weight involved usually make these projects completely unrealistic and unobtainable. LuminOre is a game-changer. due to being composed of up to 95 percent metal so it provides the look, feel and durability of solid-cast metal without the expense, weight, inconvenience and time required in creating forged metal products.


Applied at a thickness of only 8 mils to 10 mils (1 mil = 0.001 inch), LuminOre is a supremely affordable alternative to traditional metal casting. LuminOre is truly the metal solution!






Our 30-Year LuminOre Guarantee


Yes, you read that correctly. LuminOre is that good!


This means, quite simply, that your investment is protected for an entire generation when fabricated and applied to LuminOre,Incorporated standards. If the standards must be reduced, the warranty will also be adjusted. Your properly applied LuminOre Composite Metal - both interior and exterior applications - is guaranteed to be impervious to surface cracking, peeling, blistering, chalking, substrate separation or corrosion for thirty years!


A bold claim? Not at all. We can back it up. Our ongoing experiment with LuminOre-coated boat hulls submerged in salt water recently passed the 10 YEAR MARK! That LuminOre test surface remains intact and functional today, after 10 years in salt water!


As a matter of fact, LuminOre-coated hulls are currently on the job on the high seas, protecting ships in Australia and New Zealand!


The LuminOre 30-year guarantee – unheard of in the industry, but proudly and confidently offered to you, our clients.

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