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LuminOre® The Team

From the backlots of Hollywood to downtown Singapore, the LuminOre® name is synonymous with creating astounding metal architectural structures, sculptures and coverings. We know that the success of our team is built upon the combined achievements of its individuals.

OUR COMPANY - Management Team

Tom Valente

President, Chairman of the Board


LuminOre is in very good hands indeed, as it is guided by the very man who created our amazing, patented technology. In 1993, after 15 years of research and development, Tom invented LuminOre, drawing upon his vast experience in the fields of metallurgy and polymer and resin manufacturing.

LuminOre’s success is due in great part to Tom’s expertise in architectural project management. Inspired by innovative European modular manufacturing techniques, his innovations were first put to use in the field of architectural manufacturing. Under Tom’s steady stewardship, LuminOre has developed into an industry leader, not only for its unique metalizing process, but also for the company’s special ability to seamlessly coordinate the efforts of several remote production facilities towards large-scale project fulfillment.


Susan Valente

Chief Operations Officer, Board of Directors


With over 30 years experience as a manager of operations, Susan can boast exceptional organizational and administrative skills, as well as a certain knack for anticipating the needs of the Chairman of the Board. She is responsible for the daunting task of coordinating the smooth operation of all activities at the multiple LuminOre production facilities, guaranteeing that prototypes meet client expectations, sufficient raw inventory is on hand to manufacture composite metal and that the material arrives at the fabrication facility on time and as specified.

We are proud to have Susan serve as a long-standing member of the LuminOre Board of Directors.


Rick Cloonan

Production Manager for Composite Metals


Rick has a solid background as a general contractor.  He started with LuminOre in 1995 and diligently worked his way up from technician to Production Manager. He has been responsible for oversight of LuminOre’s Los Angeles composite metal manufacturing facility since 2007.


Bob Blackburn

Project Manager for Construction


The motion picture business has prepared yet another of our valued employees for an integral role at LuminOre, Inc. For 35 years, Bob has worked construction for the movies, eventually assuming the role of Set Construction Coordinator.

Some of his credits include: The Patriot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Miami Vice, Land of the Lost, and The Last Airbender. These films have taken him to remote locations in Thailand, Greenland, the Caribbean, South America and all across the U.S.

Overseeing all aspects of construction, Bob uses his vast knowledge of structural design and materials to advise the Art Department on fabrication, time and cost analysis. In his role of coordinator Bob oversees multiple crafts: paint, plaster, sculpting, steel fabrication, glass, and greens.  He excels at managing several projects simultaneously with varying timelines in different locations. He has experience managing relationships with high profile personalities along a broad spectrum, from consulting with Directors and Producers, to supervising outside vendors and managing large crews.

A construction expert, Bob and his teams have built entire villages and spaceships and everything in between. Utilizing temporary workspaces, Bob’s core team of professionals (with the assistance of local workers) allow him to construct almost anything while working within a budget and high-pressure timelines. Bob and his team are completely mobile and well-equipped to handle building projects anywhere in the world. 

After joining the LuminOre Team, Bob coordinated the largest scale set to date ever fabricated at multiple mobile facilities and installed at the final, remote location.






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