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LuminOre's Revolutionary Flexible Sheet Metal

From the company that "changed the way the world works with metal"

Revolutionary New Material: The architectural and design community for the first time may soon have their trusted vendors purchase fully malleable LuminOre composite sheet metal laminates in 4' x 8' x .010" sizes.

Cabinet shops, mill work houses, contractors, panel manufactures and any of the crafts now are able to purchase flexible, malleable LuminOre Sheet metal in all the available LuminOre Metals.

Peel & Stick LuminOre

We take our laminate and apply an industrial strength adhesive with a thick release liner to the underside of the surface. Peel and Stick is for use in kitchen cabinets, commercial cabinets, jewelry store cabinets, trade show booths, walls, casino slot machines, hospital interiors, and many more applications. The material can be applied by hand and then trimmed as needed.

Call (760) 431-7705 for more information

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