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New Option for Metal Surfaces

Since the Stone Age drew to a close around 3500 B.C., mankind has been fascinated with metal. We picked up the occasional gold nugget and the errant lump of meteoric iron, and we coveted glittering pieces of alluvial silver. In the more than 5,000 years that followed, craftsmen and engineers have smelted, forged and hammered metals to create fantastic works of art, as well as structures that seemingly stand the test of time. Unfortunately, the material weight, expense, and heat required to work with metal have always limited its use and applications. A new metallizing system is overcoming those limitations. From the gleaming dome high atop The Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to the stylized surfaces seen in films such as Batman Begins and Cat in the Hat, new composite metals are providing almost every industry with stunning, cost-effective metal surfaces. Click here

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