LuminOre® Project Management & Consulting

We Build It!




From conception to completion, your LuminOre team can manage your entire project – all aspects!

It will be our responsibility to ensure that your build is completed as specified, on time and on budget.


  • Metals Manufacturing

  • Element Fabrication

  • Composite Metal Application

  • Element Installation


We want you to exploit LuminOre to its fullest potential for your project. We want LuminOre to work for you.


Here is what you can expect from your LuminOre team:


At Project Initiation...


  • After you contact us, we will evaluate your project to determine if LuminOre is indeed the right product to meet your particular needs.


  • Through a series of communications – face-to-face or electronic, or both – you will present to us a summary overview of what you would like to have fabricated.


  • A dialog ensues; we discuss issues such as timelines, quality, budget and deliverables.


  • Your project will then be presented to Metals Manufacturing, who evaluates, from a technical perspective, the following:

    • Is your project a suitable application for LuminOre?

    • Is the alloy achievable?

    • Can aesthetics and durability standards be met?

    • How long will it take to manufacture and deliver the required quantity of metal to the fabrication department?


  • The Fabrication Department will then join the evaluation process to determine:

    • What materials and methods should be employed to build the elements?

    • How long it will take to complete the build after receipt of the metal?

    • Can the client’s requested completion date be met?

    • If timelines, materials or design need to be modified, we will communicate with the client and logistical adjustments made.


At Project Planning...


  • We will submit to the client an estimate of the pricing for the project as it is currently conceived.


  • We submit a specification for the project to outline what the client is receiving. This will include specification on the composite metal, and fabrication materials and methods.


  • The Fabrication Department may provide samples or a paid scale mock-up of the element at the client’s request.


  • We then submit a formal proposal including terms and conditions, with warranty.


At Project Execution...


  • Depending upon the scope of the project, the Fabrication Department will either:

    • Prepare the finished element(s) – with LuminOre Composite Metals already applied – for shipping or...

    • Dispatch a LuminOre Flyaway Teams™ to the remote location for the fabrication and/or application process to be completed onsite.


At Project Closure...


  • We make sure that you are completely satisfied!


  • We pride ourselves in administering superior customer care.


  • Our quality assurance practices are unparalleled.



LuminOre Flyaway Teams™


Anchoring our LuminOre project management protocol is the LuminOre Flyaway Teams™. We travel the globe, dispatching our dedicated crews of LuminOre fabrication-application-installation experts to work their magic wherever in the world your project is located...


  • When we are your project manager

  • When the element is fabricated by the client and not at our facility, or

  • When the element is fabricated by us but the LuminOre Composite Metals must be applied onsite





Our 30-Year LuminOre Guarantee


Yes, you read that correctly. LuminOre is that good!


This means, quite simply, that your investment is protected for an entire generation when fabricated and applied to LuminOre,Incorporated standards. If the standards must be reduced, the warranty will also be adjusted. Your properly applied LuminOre Composite Metal - both interior and exterior applications - is guaranteed to be impervious to surface cracking, peeling, blistering, chalking, substrate separation or corrosion for thirty years!


A bold claim? Not at all. We can back it up. Our ongoing experiment with LuminOre-coated boat hulls submerged in salt water recently passed the 10 YEAR MARK! That LuminOre test surface remains intact and functional today, after 10 years in salt water!


As a matter of fact, LuminOre-coated hulls are currently on the job on the high seas, protecting ships in Australia and New Zealand!


The LuminOre 30-year guarantee – unheard of in the industry, but proudly and confidently offered to you, our clients.