LuminOre® OEMS

LuminOre® is actively seeking energetic relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers who are interested in exploiting

LuminOre Composite Metals to:

  • Enhance their current product lines or

  • Bring new and exciting creations to the marketplace.


Why LuminOre?

LuminOre will increase the value of your product line and, in turn, increase your profits. A mere $10 worth of LuminOre Composite Metal installed as a jewelry accent on a tabletop... will increase the perceived value of that table by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

  • We can fabricate your entire product line, or just a portion of it.

  • We can make components for your line.

  • We can fabricate add-ons for your line.

  • We can deliver thousands of linear feet of molding and trim work that can be cut and installed by you in your own factories.


LuminOre Robotic Automated Application Systems

After many years of research and development, LuminOre has created a high-tech, computer-driven automated cold-spray technology that allows us to apply our Composite Metals flawlessly and to the most exacting of tolerances.

  • Have us fabricate and/or metalize elements for you in bulk (100K units or more)

  • We can install a LuminOre Robotic Automated Application System on your own production line.

  • We can install hand-held applicators (driven by computerized plural component metering systems) on your production line.

  • We can train your employees and transform them into LuminOre application experts.

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