LuminOre® Metals Manufacturing Facility

LuminOre Composite Metals are manufactured exclusively in-house by our own trained chemists and technicians, in our own facility, and to exacting scientific standards. The process is in no way outsourced. We carefully control all aspects of the manufacturing and have the capacity to produce 44,000 pounds of raw material each day.


Since every project and application is different, great care is taken in the formulization of each order of LuminOre Composite Metals. You can rest assured that your LuminOre Composite Metal coating will be custom crafted to accommodate the specific and unique requirements of your project.



A Word About Our Competitors...


There is no other product on the market like LuminOre Composite Metals. We have a unique, patented cold-metal atomized metalizing process that transforms nearly any surface into a solid metal veneer.


There is nothing else like it on the market. We’ve been in business over 20 years – and we still stand alone!


You can waste time searching, but you will find nothing that even remotely compares to LuminOre Composite Metals.


  • LuminOre is not paint.

  • LuminOre is not sheet metal.

  • LuminOre is an authentic metal veneer.


LuminOre is genuine aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel-silver and zinc – bonded permanently to almost any lightweight core material.


The paint company that you may be considering will give you a metallic paint job with a warranty of perhaps only seven years.


LuminOre Composite Metals are impervious to ultraviolet light, non-corrosive, non-conductive of electricity and can withstand a force of 2,364 psi without detaching from the metal substrate.


We guarantee our properly applied LuminOre genuine metal surface for 30 years – not seven – a 30 year guarantee! Think about it – no surface cracking, peeling, blistering, chalking, substrate separation or corrosion for an entire generation!


Make no mistake. LuminOre is the only true metal solution. If you want the visual appeal, the patina, the texture, the tactile quality and unmistakable touch and feel of genuine foundry-cast metal – and you want it affordably - then specifiy LuminOre.


LuminOre is changing the way the world works with metal. What will you metalize with LuminOre?