LuminOre Composite Metals™


The 13th element... the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust.... low density, lightweight and strong...corrosion resistant... a superconductor... vital to transportation and aerospace... once considered more valuable than gold, Napoleon gave his most honored banquet guests aluminum utensils, the others “had” to use gold.... statue of Anteros atop Piccadilly Circus, London...apex of the Washington Monument...


Sleek and clean with a dull matte finish, Aluminum will enhance your project – from exterior building cladding to architectural detail to signage. Unless the LuminOre-coated piece is lifted or placed on a scale to determine weight, LuminOre Aluminum is indistinguishable from solid-cast aluminum. LuminOre Aluminum possesses all the characteristics of foundry-cast aluminum, including texture and finish, and is indiscernible to touch and sight when compared to the solid metal.



Alloy of copper and zinc... in antiquity, polished and used for mirrors... enhances acoustic properties of horns and organ pipe reeds... locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition, and valves... plumbing and electrical...clockworks... antique scientific instruments...


Reflecting a high-polished gleam off the world-famous domes at The Bellagio Hotel & Casino, LuminOre Brass provided an elegant and maintenance-free solution for the Las Vegas landmark. LuminOre Brass is indistinguishable from solid, foundry-cast brass.



Alloy of copper and tin... the Bronze Age – 3800 BC... ancient tools, weapons and armor... bells and cymbals... third place Olympic finish... ancient jewelry... Chinese ceremonial vessels... the gates of the Temple of Jerusalem... strings for piano, guitar, bass and harpsichord... fine sculpture... springs, bearings and bushings...


Durable and classically beautiful, LuminOre Bronze possesses all the physical properties of solid cast bronze yet its composite matrix gives it the added benefit of being anti-corrosive – in other words, even after years of use and exposure to the elements there will be no corrosion, just a beautiful patina.



The 29th element... the Copper Age – 4200 BC... Romans mined the “metal of Cyprus”: Cuprum... currency and coinage... decorative art... symbolic of Aphrodite/Venus... ammunition: copper-jacketed bullets... green patina roof... invoked in the bible: "Men know how to mine silver and refine gold, to dig iron from the earth and melt copper from stone" (Job 28:1–2)... lightning rods... The Statue of Liberty contains 179,220 pounds...


For nearly five millennia, copper was the only metal known to man and, thus, was used for all metal applications. With LuminOre, copper enjoys a rebirth and renaissance, as cost is no longer a prohibitive factor for its application. Excluding expense and weight, LuminOre Copper is indistinguishable from solid cast copper.



The 26th element...the Iron Age – 1500 BC... the most common element in the Earth... produced from stellar fusion... a trace element found in all living organisms... our blood is red because of it... the first iron used by man was harvested from meteorites.... The most superstitious metal: iron horseshoes repel evil spirits and bring good luck... iron cemetery fences contain the departed souls... an iron knife buried under the entrance to a home prevents witches from entering...


Manifest your creative vision with the dramatic impact of genuine iron. Unless lifted or placed on a scale to determine weight, LuminOre Iron is indistinguishable from solid-cast iron. LuminOre Iron possesses all the characteristics of foundry-cast iron, and is indiscernible to touch and sight when compared to the solid metal.



Originated in China, but known as German Silver...Native American Jewelry... musical instruments... National Resonator Guitar...


An alloy typically composed of copper, nickel and zinc, Nickel-Silver is widely used for house wares, flatware and cutlery, and as the metal substrate for silver-plated goods. With our cold-sprayable application, LuminOre Nickel-Silver is indistinguishable from foundry-cast nickel-silver and introduces the impressive silvery metal to thousands of new possible uses.


White Bronze

LuminOre’s own vision... a different kind of metal for the 21st century... think: Alien Spacecraft!


A proprietary metal developed by LuminOre Inc., White Bronze resembles smoked chrome, and is the only metal in the LuminOre product line that does not take a patina easily. This also means that there is no need to clear coat LuminOre White Bronze, since it never tarnishes.



Atomic number 30... a dull, silvery gray... anti-corrosive... the 24th most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust... Hundreds of years ago, alchemists burned zinc in air to form what they called "philosopher's wool” or "white snow"... galvanizing... die-casting.... brass and bronze... alkaline batteries.


LuminOre Z3 Composite Metal is pure zinc and indistinguishable from solid, foundry cast zinc. Highly non-corrosive with a clean, white metal luster, LuminOre Z3 is the perfect choice for exterior applications.